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Scottsdale Seniors!

Get Your:

👉History review

👉5-point balance assessment

👉Full body strength and flexibility screen

👉Postural analysis

👉Doctor's report of findings

That's a $175 value for only $57!

ACT NOW- only 14 vouchers left and time is running out.



“Thank you so much for all your caring help. You go beyond just being a physical therapist. I'm not even going to get an injection for my shoulder. I believe the exercises have strengthened it enough that it is no longer painful.”- Kim


“Devon implemented a program that was very results-oriented with steady progress that was readily measurable. She did a truly effective job of guiding me through various exercises that were clearly progressive and functional. As a senior citizen, I was skeptical about what to expect due to my age...I was pleasantly surprised with my continuous progress. Exercises that started with significant pain and limited motion became easier, and in many cases, the discomfort and pain all but disappeared. Thanks again, Devon!”- John

Elevate Physical Therapy is a mobile, concierge practice- 

We Come To You!

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Elevate Physical Therapy | Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley | 602-448-8785

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