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Telehealth: A Great Way to Receive Physical Therapy From the Comfort of Home!

Welcome! Our first company blog post will be centered around the topic of telehealth and how it can be used to serve you, the patient, in a convenient, safe and effective way. Telehealth has been around for a long time, but with the recent onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, more healthcare providers are choosing to implement it in order to serve our patients during these times.


Telehealth is your way to communicate with your healthcare provider via a video conference platform that is HIPAA-compliant, meaning that your communication is secure and private, just like it would be if you were with your provider in person. For those of you reading who are in need of healthcare services such as physical therapy, especially older adults who may be sheltering at home, telehealth is a great option for you! While it keeps you safe and physically distanced, it also enables you to continue working on your personal goals related to pain management, fall prevention, and/or exercising. Physical therapists are playing a key role in this pandemic, especially with treating those who have recovered from the virus and have experienced losses in their strength and stamina. We also treat individuals via telehealth who are considered high risk at this time and therefore cannot receive physical therapy in person.


Conducting a telehealth session is simple and convenient! All you need for your visit with Elevate Physical Therapy is 1) an email address where we can send you a link to join a virtual meeting, and 2) a device like a smartphone or computer that has audio and video capabilities. We take care of the rest. Once you join the meeting, you will work one-on-one with a doctor of physical therapy who will guide you through your entire treatment session.

Here are some examples of how telehealth physical therapy may be applicable to you:

  1. Balance training- a physical therapist can assess your balance by asking you to perform various tests at home, such as standing on one leg or standing on an unstable surface. Once we get an idea of your capabilities and current level of function, we will construct a personalized plan of care that enables you to practice your balance safely at home!

  2. Home safety hazards- through our virtual sessions, we will be able to examine your living space and offer potential ways to help “fall-proof” your home, such as removing area rugs, improving lighting in hallways or stairways, and placing commonly used items in more convenient locations to minimize your risk of falling.

  3. Pain management- a physical therapist can conduct a mobility screen and movement assessment with you during your telehealth session in order to provide you with targeted stretches and exercises to perform in your home to help alleviate any pain you have.

  4. Fitness training- we are able to create an exercise program for you based on the available equipment you have at home so you can continue working on building your strength, endurance, and power! Each week we will do a re-assessment based on your progress.

In summary, it is more important than ever for all of us to be proactive about our health and to be mindful of adhering to physical distancing in our cities. If you live in Arizona, Elevate Physical Therapy is available to conduct telehealth visits with you. Your first visit is free so you can try it out for yourself and see how easy it is! We hope you are staying safe and healthy and look forward to serving you.

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