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In-Home Physical Therapy

Is Home Physical Therapy Only for Avoiding COVID-19?

Mobile, in-home physical therapy has been around much longer than COVID-19. However, due to the pandemic, more people are becoming aware of this option. Receiving in-home physical therapy lets you avoid the usual public waiting areas found at therapy clinics, thereby reducing your chance of exposure to coronavirus (and other germs).

There are a few reasons why people have been choosing mobile physical therapy long before COVID-19 emerged. One reason is that it is easier for those who have trouble walking or keeping their balance. This makes it safer for such patients because the risk of falls is greatly reduced.

Others who choose in-home physical therapy are often not able to drive to an office for treatment. Whether this is due to their condition, or the simple lack of a car, a mobile physical therapist eliminates that issue by coming to the patient's home.

Finally, some clients have always needed to be careful about exposure to germs. Those with compromised immune systems or other debilitating diseases cannot take what healthy people would consider "normal" risks, like sitting in a doctor's office. These patients are very familiar with taking steps like using home services to reduce their risk of exposure to diseases that could, for them, be deadly.

Regardless of your reason for selecting a mobile physical therapy service, know that you'll be in good hands if you call Elevate Physical Therapy in Scottsdale. Our physical therapists will be glad to see you and treat you from the comfort of your home.

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