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The Age Healthy Roadmap:

How to Navigate Physical Changes and Optimize Your Body's Potential


Are you resigned to the idea that pain and weakness are inevitable parts of aging? Are you hesitant to engage in your favorite hobbies because of your fear of falling? Are you ready to change this mindset and improve your quality of life?


This book will teach you how to start controlling these tricky, but avoidable, aspects of aging. Using a straightforward approach that addresses both mind and body, you will learn how to:


  • Understand chronic pain

  • Manage common conditions like arthritis and low back pain

  • Modify your home to avoid falls

  • Improve your posture, balance, strength, power, and endurance

  • Optimize your body’s potential, no matter your age.


Designed for adults aged 40 and up, Dr. Devon Turnbull draws from her experience treating this population to analyze the key changes our bodies go through as we age. She addresses the most common conditions she treats and provides actionable steps that any adult can and should fit into their daily life. It is time to shift your focus from reaction to prevention, from uncertainty to confidence! Let this book be your guide in making your later years the happiest, most fulfilling ones yet as you Age Healthy.

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