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We provide a mobile, concierge physical therapy model to help our clients reduce pain, improve mobility and strength, avoid falls and maximize function in order to age safely at home. By accomplishing this, our clients are able to remain active in their community, maintain their social lives AND physical independence. Start investing in your health today!

How it Works

Evaluation and Treatment

During your initial evaluation, an in-depth physical assessment and an individualized treatment plan will be created, aimed at achieving the functional goals we set together. This will lay the foundation for the rest of your plan of care.

Is Mobile Physical Therapy Right For You?

If you have ever received physical therapy at an insurance-based outpatient clinic, you may be wondering how this model differs. Read more about how we deliver a higher quality of care, remain cost-effective, and get you back to doing what you love here. 

Devon implemented a program that was very results-oriented with steady progress that was readily measurable. She did a truly effective job of guiding me through various exercises that were clearly progressive and functional. As a senior citizen, I was skeptical about what to expect due to my age...I was pleasantly surprised with my continuous progress. Exercises that started with significant pain and limited motion became easier, and in many cases, the discomfort and pain all but disappeared. Thanks again, Devon!

- John S.

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Phone: 602-448-8785

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